New study details many ways scientists from minority groups are disadvantaged in STEM

BY KATIE LANGIN Interactions with work colleagues can be challenging for anyone to navigate. But they’re more difficult for some than others. “My first day of work someone … physically blocked me from getting my mail in the faculty mailroom,” a molecular biologist tweeted during the 2020 deluge of #BlackintheIvory posts. She added, “They literally said, ‘Well, … Read more

Inequalities in the Distribution of National Institutes of Health Research Project Grant Funding

In its Fall 2020 edition the Journal of Economic Perspectives featured articles on income and wealth inequality. There is ample evidence that in the United States and in Europe inequality has increased over the last 40-50 years. While the factors underlying increasing inequality are complex, there is also concern that high levels of inequality are themselves harmful, possibly contributing to worse population health (e.g., lower life … Read more

Combating Racism in the Geosciences: Reflections From a Black Professor

The geoscience community struggles to achieve its vision of a diverse, equitable, open, and welcoming field of study. It is time that we faced the realities of structural racism and invested in the real work necessary to realize that vision for everyone. Geoscientists need the entire community to work together to become anti-racist. This commentary … Read more

When we increase diversity in academia, we all win

Addressing diversity challenges in academia is a highly complex multi-faceted topic that is impossible to do justice in a short opinion piece. This is, therefore, just a small set of examples: By paying attention to our own biases and thinking carefully about how we interact with those around us, both in terms of the language … Read more