Watson Fellow Livia Cox ’22 Studies Pain

What is pain? Why do we experience pain? Is pain perceived the same way across different cultures? To answer these questions one might ask Livia Cox ‘22, a Thomas J. Watson awardee who spent her fellowship year studying the connection between cultural, political, and social definitions of pain. The Watson fellowship is a unique opportunity … Read more

Inspired by the Astronomy Department, Hopeful for the Future: An Interview with Sofia Rinaldi ‘25

Pictured: Sofia Rinaldi ’25 presenting at the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium (KNAC) symposium. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sofia Rinaldi for Wesleyan’s Inclusion in STEM Initiative. She speaks about her experiences in various STEM classes at Wesleyan, astronomy research, and Wesleyan’s Doula Project. Through all of her experiences, she shares what it is like … Read more