Wesleyan Commitment

To effect long-standing alterations to the systems and structures that lead to racism, inequity and injustice, we begin within our own community. We commit to the following actions as a first step towards mitigating the structural barriers that lead to the promotion of one group or gender over another.

We commit to educating ourselves and others in these issues and fully understanding the perspective of marginalized voices. To fully support students in our role as mentors, we need to be cognizant and understanding of their various experiences. We will use this knowledge to improve our mentoring and help our students be successful to their fullest extent. We are building an online repository of materials focusing on equity issues in our classrooms, and on our faculty. This is an active, ongoing repository, please forward your contributions to Anika (adane@wesleyan.edu). Original materials compiled by Alison Williams, ’81, VP of Equity and Inclusion.

The full text of Wesleyan’s NSM Faculty Pledge to Promote and Support Anti-Racist Practices Across the Division may be read here.


Organizations for Underrepresented Scientists