Advice from Seniors to First Years

I feel like my main advice would just be to be a person and talk to your professors, because they’re also people, and they have also been through the struggles of being a student. Going to your professors and talking to them, and just being honest from a place of I’m struggling with this, or … Read more

OUP Recognizes and Celebrates Women in Science

Oxford University Press is proud to support diverse voices across our publishing. In this collection, we shine a spotlight on the representation of women in scientific fields, the gains that have been made in their fields, from research and major discoveries to advocacy and outreach, and amplify the voices of women who have made a … Read more

Job Application

CIS and NSM Course Assistant Application In conjunction with the NSM coalition, the Gordon Career Center, and the office of Equity & Inclusion, the College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) developed an application form to use when hiring Course Assistants. Our students remind faculty that the best academic student in the class is not always the … Read more

Post Undergraduate Studies

Presentations from the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education Graduate School Academic Post-Bac Programs: What’s Available and Why Complete One? Choosing and Applying to Graduate School Writing a Personal and Research Statement for Graduate Programs What Can You Do To Enhance Your Chances to Get Into Medical and Graduate School Medical School Choosing and … Read more

Job Search Advice

Virtual Interviews CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters Essential Job Search Documents